Eco- Luxury Courtesy Monogrammed Soap&Towel Set

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Our Eco-Luxury line is revered for its guilt-free pampering, ensuring gift-giving success every time! Each bar is made in Vermont, triple-milled, and features a vegetable-based formula with our famous water-based Aqua Mineral fragrance and antique white color. Trusted by connoisseurs for those with allergies, sensitive skin, or delicate noses! A simple and clean scent ( unisex) Our exquisite Vermont made, personalized aromatherapy soap bars are triple-milled and 100% vegetable-based. A true, all sensory experience; botanical, herbal, revitalizing and healing. When you know the recipient intimately enough to pamper them with the color of their dreams or which them away with the scent that moves their soul.

Three 4oz. Square Triple Milled soap bars Made in VT 100% Vegetable Based, Triple Milled for Luxurious Lather, Non- GMO, Paraben free, Phosphorus free, Phthalate free, Gluten free, Nut free, Cruelty free- nestled in a gorgeous Pearl scent white gift box with brocade texture.

12- Linen Like, Air-Laid Towels

Personalization Options

Choose font


* Times New Roman

Choose Towel foil color

* Gold


Enter Monogram in order to be carved

Example: first Middle Last or bride Last groom

You may also choose personalize with a single initial or two initials combined with an ampersand C&C


Vine “Gold”, Vine “Silver”, Times New Roman “Gold”, Times New Roman “Silver”


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