Eco-Luxury 3″ & 4” Palm Candle Monogrammed


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The perfect gift for every occasion and every recipient! Guilt-free pampering- personalized 

About our hand- poured, Vermont made candles:

* 100% natural and biodegradable palm wax ( Non- GMO), phthalate- free and dye free

* Air quality health-focused, free from additives, I bleached, all cotton, leaf-free wick.

* Pure Aromatherapy:Our exquisite signature blend of the finest lavender and orange essential oils proven to be relaxing and uplifting

* A light champagne all-decor complimenting color a naturally crystallized textured exterior

*sensitive&allergic folks prefer palm wax as the candle scent is softer, especially when cold

*signature tunnel burn slowly melts ( tunnels) into itself as it burns, creating the perfect holder holder for a future tea light

* The carving actually illuminated as it burns down! Our signature tunnel burn means the carved candle is yours to enjoy; it’s the perfect KEEPSAKE!!

* 3x3x3in

* 4x4x4in


Vine 3”, Time New Roman 3”, Vine 4”, Time New Roman 4”


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